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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
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YAMS Server Information and Commands

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Welcome to YAMS, short for Yet Another Minecraft Server. We are a family friendly, community focused server. We have strict rules in place for playing on the server; these rules help us to guarantee that the server is always a fun and relaxed place to hang out and play Minecraft. We are a public server however as of recent we have been whitelisting - this means that you can't connect to us unless your name is on the whitelist. Our whitelist requirements are light enough to give everyone the ability to join, while also ensuring that the only people who join are active and friendly members of the YAMS community.

Server IP: play.yams.me
Forums: http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft

How to get whitelisted

For full information on whitelisting please see the following topic found here - Welcome to YAMS - Please Read. Please make sure you read the post fully, before applying to be put on the whitelist, otherwise your application may be unsuccessful.

Server Features
  • A grand spawn tower and spawn town with loads to see and do.
  • A sandbox where you can start building and get yourself approved to move to a town.
  • Various major towns each with its own unique building style, you can find more information in the following topic here – YAMS Towns.
  • An extensive road and rail system with signs at each station directing you to the various towns and attractions.
  • A shopping centre where players can run their own shops and trade with others.
  • The YAMS Central park with loads of fun things to do.
  • Chairs plugin, allowing you to sit on chairs (well stairs). Click here for info.
  • A nether portal, but here’s the deal it’s hidden you’ll have to find it, don’t tell anyone if you do!
  • And so much more...
YAMS Towns

Every town in YAMS is unique, you won't find two alike. Because of this we think that every town deserves its own separate topic where you can discuss specific things relating to that town. Best of all you don't have to live in that town to help out, everyone's welcome in all towns.Points of interest
  • YAMS Coliseum - Click here for info.
  • Halloween area. Click here for info.
  • The Oasis (aka Northwest corner town) - Click here for info.
  • Resident evil mansion. See events section for past events.
  • The Ark. Click here for past info, to see what this was about.
  • University of YAMS - More info here.
  • The Nether portal - Hidden somewhere within YAMS, no one will tell you the location so be on the lookout for clues, it's more fun this way!
  • The test build world portal - There is a portal somewhere within YAMS that will take you to a world where you can help design structures that can be built in YAMS. The portal is located at... ohh wait I forget... I think it was somewhere on the outskirts of spawn town though, guess you better go and investigate, good luck! Click here for info.
  • YAMS Adventures - There are multiple adventures around YAMS, no one will tell you the location so be on the lookout for clues, it's more fun this way!
Competitions, Minigames and Events
  • Team pvp arena battles held at the YAMS Coliseum.
  • Werewolf games held at the lycan village.
  • Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots - more info here.
  • Build challenges.
Server commands for members
  • /help - Typing this command will list essential commands available to you.
  • /sethome - Sets your current location as your home location
  • /home - Returns you to your home location
  • /spawn - Returns you to the spawn point.
  • /me - Allows you to mimic IM's /me command, allowing you to perform an action. e.g.: Glados laughs evilly.
  • /msg username - Sends a private message to that user
  • /who - Find out whose online, useful when messaging someone.
  • /motd - Displays the welcome message. Normally the same each day!
  • /compass - Will echo your current bearing to the chat window
  • /afk - Flags you as being away from keyboard in the /who list.
  • /modreq - Allows you to raise a support ticket for important crimes and such!
In game coloured names
  • Green: Admins (Own and have overall full responsibility for the server)
  • Blue: Moderators (Approve big builds in towns and keep the big issues under control)
  • Dark Aqua: Trainee, Standard and Senior Community Support Officers - CSO for short. (Welcome and greet new players ensuing rules are obeyed and help out any members that need help, also keeping peace within towns)
  • Aqua: Contributors (Have contributed to the server in some way or another past or present, given to those that exceed expectations)
  • Grey: Members (Everyone starts out as member it's the default group when you join.)

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