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By - Darren Straight

New planet found on edge of solar system is named.

The recently discovered asteroid/planet orbiting the sun in our solar system has been given the unofficially name of Xena, after the TV series starring Lucy Lawless. The official name for Xena is 2003 UB313. It is still being debated whether or not this newly discovered planet is actually our 10th planet at all in our solar system because it’s still

By - Darren Straight

Windows Installer 6.2 Beta Program.

This morning I received an email from Microsoft Inviting me to join the Windows Installer 6.2 Beta Program. I have accepted the invite as it looks quite interesting and because I haven’t done any beta testing for Windows Installer before and I’m always up to try something new, I look forward too doing it and hopefully will receive a welcome

By - Darren Straight

Windows Vista Auxillary Display for laptops.

While searching on the web last night for anything interesting related to Windows Vista, I came across a very interesting blog article on how to make a “Windows Vista” (Longhorn) Auxiliary Display (now) for your laptop. I currently don’t have a Laptop so I wont be able to try it out, though I do have a pda so I guess

By - Darren Straight

Astonomers discover 10th planet.

Astronomers have discovered an object in our solar system that is larger than Pluto. They are calling it the 10th planet, but already that claim is contested. The new world’s size is not at issue. But the very definition of planethood is. It is the first time an object so big has been found in our solar system since the

By - Darren Straight

Internet Explorer 7 now in beta testing.

Beta 1 of Internet Explorer 7 has now been released to developers for testing, new features include the following: Dynamic security protection through a simplified architecture that defends against malware, and new dynamic ways to protect against personal data theft from fraudulent Web sites (a practice known as “phishing”). Improved design to make everyday tasks easier and faster, with better

By - Darren Straight

Windows Vista Beta Program Begins.

Within the next few hours or so, Microsoft should be releasing betas for the following products: Windows Vista Beta 1 Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 WinFX Beta 1 So far I haven’t got an invite to any of these including Windows Vista which I’ve eagerly been awaiting for a long time now, so I really hope I get an invite