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By - Darren Straight

Google confirms $1billion stake in AOL

Finally some more news on the Microsoft/Google deal with AOL! Online search engine Google has confirmed it will invest $1bn to take a 5% stake in Time Warner’s AOL unit as part of a major strategic alliance. The deal, which follows intense negotiations between the two US internet giants, values the troubled AOL unit at $20bn. The global online advertising

By - Darren Straight

Beagle 2 probe ‘spotted’ on Mars

It looks like they might have finally found the Beagle 2 probe on Mars! The scientist behind the British Beagle 2 mission to the Red Planet says the craft may have been found in pictures of the Martian surface. Colin Pillinger says the images suggest the mission very nearly worked, but Beagle somehow failed to contact Earth. He thinks the

By - Darren Straight

WordPress 2.0 Release Candidate

Not long to go now until WordPress 2.0 Final! The next release of WordPress is drawing near. Please help us shake out any last remaining bugs by downloading and testing the 2.0 Release Candidate. If all goes well, the Release Candidate will become 2.0 final. We’re almost there. Download, test, and head over to the Beta Forum to let us