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By - Darren Straight

Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta Download

Hurray I can now finally download Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta. I’ve been waiting days, weeks if not months for the Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta so I’m glad I received that invite to join the beta testing for it and I’m now even happier that I can download it and access the Beta Newsgroups which is a great place

By - Darren Straight

Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta

Finally I’m in the Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta, I can’t believe it’s taken until now, it’s really been a long wait for us but hey the wait is over for me because now I know I’m defiantly in the Windows Live Messenger Beta, oh I cant to start testing it properly and participate in the newsgroups and beta chats,

By - Darren Straight

Windows Live Local is now Live!

That’s right Windows Live Local is now live, it’s really great, the updated look and feel of it is really cool and you just have to love the 45 degree imagery available for certain areas! A lot of people think this is a rip of from KeyHole (Google Earth) and Google Maps, I think they are all wrong because Microsoft

By - Darren Straight

Windows Vista December CTP to be Build 5268

Microsoft have revealed to those on their Partnership Promotion program, that the Vista December CTP will be build 5268. Along with this, Microsoft have posted Screenshots and a Video which you can find at AeroXP. Compared to Build 5259, the build shows a few minor UI changes, and also shows Windows AntiSpyware under its new name – Windows Defender. News

By - Darren Straight

Is this the future of the web ?

Ok this is a kind of weird idea too explain but basically you can edit or input information on the page with a simple click of the button so if you see something you would like to edit just click it. I think its best if you read the quote below and then visit the site: Edit in place (also

By - Darren Straight

Update to Windows Live Mail Beta – Milestone 4

It’s finally here the wait is over; Windows Live Mail Beta is now officially at Milestone 4. For more information, read what Imran Qureshi said before the release! The wait will soon be over.  This week we will be releasing the “M4” (Milestone 4) update to the Windows Live Mail beta (codename: Kahuna). We listened to what you, our beta