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Design IT 2007 Creative Calculator

IT geniuses, from the famous to the unsung, have consistently demonstrated how different types of creativity are the basis of true innovative thinking. Now it’s your turn. Everyone knows you’re a genius. Or at least, you do. But how does your creative spark show itself? Are you a Tim Berners-Lee, a Seymour Cray or a Steve Wozniak?

Just use the Creative Calculator to find out. Answer five questions to discover your Creative Index.

And then Microsoft have got just the thing to put it to the test. Some of the UK’s most renowned charities have come together to pose five real-life problems that need the imagination of someone like you. Come up with the winning IT solution and we’ll give the charity £15,000 to turn your ideas into reality – and you’ll walk away with free entry to the IT Forum 2007 in Barcelona.

Plus in the true spirit of Christmas, for every Creative Calculator quiz completed by midnight on the New Year’s Eve 2006, Microsoft will donate £1 to charity, read here for more info. 

Some people find that taking a web design program online can help them brush up on their skills.

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scarpe April 12, 2007 at 10:31 am

Ich besichtige deinen Aufstellungsort wieder bald fur sicheres!

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