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Windows Home Server CTP Broadly Released

Great news! Today the Microsoft Windows Home Server Team are broadly rolling out a new test build of Windows Home Server – a Community Technology Preview (CTP).

The Windows Home Server CTP (build 06.00.1371) provides a wide range of code fixes, user interface improvements and feature enhancements, such as:

  • A more complete and simplified “out of box” experience, including an easy, 7-step setup process after installation, personalized home server naming, and the ability to configure a standalone Windows Home Server from an existing home computer.
  • You can now set up and configure Remote Access capabilities from the Windows Home Server Console, including selection of a personalized web address from the Windows Live Custom Domains service.
  • You can enable or disable home network health notifications and can dictate where and when various notifications are displayed on their computers.
  • Users can clearly define their password settings, and designate a password hint to assist in recovering a forgotten Windows Home Server password.
  • And you can now add and remove Windows Home Server Add-in programs developed with the Windows Home Server Software Development Kit.

The Windows Server CTP is an exciting milestone for the team on the road to final release. As always, those interested in participating in the beta program can apply here.

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