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i’m Making A Difference Facebook Winner

Got this message today in my facebook inbox:

When we launched i’m Making A Difference, Facebook made an incredibly generous offer. They put up a $10,000 donation, and asked you – the members – to vote on which of our 10 partner organizations should get it.

Well, the votes are in. The choice has been made. The money will be given.

To find out who won, share your reaction, and see what else is up with the i’m Initiative, visit the group. It’ll be great to hear from you.

And thank you, to both Facebook and our members. You’re making a difference.

The Windows Live Messenger team.

And well I can reveal that the winner was stopglobalwarming.org – what are your views on this? Would you have preferred to have seen another charity win? Or are you happy that they won and believe there are ways that this money can help stop Global Warming?

1 thought on “i’m Making A Difference Facebook Winner

Laurentvw September 28, 2007 at 6:16 pm

Global warming is a joke, spreading the fact that people are the ones causing this temperature rise is pure propaganda. It’s sad so many people are being fooled by this.

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