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Filmmakers offered Raindance recognition with Muvizu 3D

Beginner and expert animators alike can scoop a prestigious Raindance film award by producing a winning clip with free CGI software, Muvizu, which can be downloaded at http://www.muvizu.com/.

Muvizu is a free 3D animation application, integrated with an online collaborative community, that gives individuals or groups the power of the Unreal Engine 3 to create compelling videos in minutes, not months. You don’t need specialist kit or training, just a good idea.

The joint competition invites anyone to download Muvizu 3D and use it to create an animation of no more than one minute and thirty seconds.

Submissions close on 31 August 2010 and the winning films will be screened at the 18th Raindance Film Festival between 29 September and 10 October in London’s West End.

On top of worldwide recognition with Raindance, award-winning makers of high-end 3D systems Workstation Specialists are supplying the following prizes:

  1. A high-end mobile graphics workstation: WSM – Power 15.6″ 3D Graphics Configuration with Intel® Core™ i7 720QM 1.60GHz 64Bit Quad-Core Processor;
  2. A high-end graphics workstation: WS1600 High End 3D Graphics Configuration with Intel® Core™ i7 930 2.83GHz 64Bit Quad-Core Processor;
  3.  A graphics workstation: WS1400 with Powerful 3D Graphics Configuration.

To enter:

Upload your video to YouTube through Muvizu in 720HD resolution (keeping the .set file) and set it to ‘Private’.

Start your film title with “Submission for Muvizu prize competition at Raindance Film Festival” then email the video’s url to raindance@muvizu.com together with your name and contact details.

Entrants must be 13 years or over to enter the competition individually, but a Muvizu gatekeeper account holder can submit an entry or entries on behalf of younger children.

Raindance Founder Elliot Grove said: “Raindance has always believed that filmmaking should be an experience which is accessible to anyone, and true to this, the wonderful people at Muvizu have created software which allows people to make animated videos without specialist hardware, software, or training.”

The Muvizu application, which includes all the assets and tools needed to create 3D movies, is available for free download from www.muvizu.com, a portal that enables users to collaborate on film, audio, and drama projects with easy-to-use tools and results you can view in real time. The philosophy behind Muvizu 3D is for content creators to put less energy into animating characters and more effort into directing them on-screen. The goal is to foster collaborative fillm-making by uniting people with contrasting skills through Muvizu’s virtual workspace and storyboarding capabilities.

The Muvizu website also offers new users tutorial videos to help get then started.





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