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By - Darren Straight

Excel 2010 Games: Missile Command and Tower Defense

Saw this post on the Microsoft Excel 2010 Blog and at first I thought WOW have they brought back easter eggs in Microsoft Office! :p Well it wasn’t an Easter Egg but still cool. It’s official, Office 2010 is out! To celebrate, we’ve created two games that are playable in Excel for you to download. Missile Command Tower Defense To play, you’ll need

By - Darren Straight

My Garden as of the 6th of July 2010

I’ve been working pretty hard lately on my garden – I just wish there was some miracle way of stopping weeds and roots from growing back and also to slow time . But hey it’s a challenge right – a one man band doing all he can within reason while still having no transport to get rid of all the cuttings! 🙂 8th

By - Darren Straight

Fujitsu celebrates 75 years of innovation from 1935-2010

This month Fujitsu is celebrating its 75 year anniversary – a milestone very few other global IT companies have reached.  Fujitsu, which is today the largest Japanese employer in the UK and Ireland (11,500 employees), has been a fundamental part of some of the IT industry’s most notable breakthroughs and innovations – from the early days of telephone switching in