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By - Darren Straight

Video: Don’t be a Wilbert!

Have you ever accused or been accused of having ‘Man-Flu’? New research from Pfizer reveals the term adopted to ridicule men when they are sick could actually be having a negative impact, which is just not cricket! This research shows these attitudes could mean that serious health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes are being left undetected — and

By - Darren Straight

Nokia N8 – The Commuter, new Nokia film in mobile HD – Nokia UK

Pamela Anderson, Ed Westwick, Dev Patel and Charles Dance star in Nokia’s highly anticipated short film, ‘The Commuter’ which was shot entirely in mobile HD on the Nokia N8 smartphone. The groundbreaking film, directed by the McHenry Brothers, was shot in just four days with the Nokia N8 using no back up cameras, with the streets of London and St