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Samsung Project Space Planes Finally Launch

Remember Samsung Project Space Planes back in September? Which had the idea of launching a balloon to space where there it would release lots of paper planes with Samsung SD memory cards (with your messages). If not quickly see video below!

Well they have finally managed to do that, amidst awful weather, from a place called Wolfsburg in Germany!

The balloon, filled with helium gas and carrying a load of paper planes, took 2.6 hours to rise to 37,339 metres (that’s at the edge of space!), where it burst and took only 40 minutes to fall back to earth. It landed in a forest just south east of Berlin, where our team had to use a very long pole to retrieve the payload from the top of a tree.

The hand-crafted paper planes with their precious cargo of Samsung SD memory cards were released at around 36,3500 metres and could land anywhere!

Now if anyone finds a plane and memory card, they would like you to contact them at www.projectspaceplanes.com/ask and they will try to put you in touch with the person who uploaded their piece of data onto that memory card.

They have already tested the few cards that got tangled in the net and therefore weren’t released, and they all work perfectly!

See the action in the video below.

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