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DIY website builder WebEden.co.uk launches blog feature

Award winning do-it-yourself website building tool WebEden.co.uk today announced the launch of their new, long awaited, blog feature.

The new blog tool opens up blogging to anyone with a PC who has little or no technical knowledge. Much like websites created with WebEden building system, it can be set up and stylised using simple drag and drop software and is aimed at both business and pleasure users.

WebEden MD Ken Builder says ‘Whether it’s a business wanting to interact with their customers more effectively, or an individual wishing to interact with like-minded people, blogging an incredibly effective way to do it.’

Blog content can be published through an RSS feed which in turn can be used to automatically update other services such as Twitter. With Facebook ‘Like’ and Twitter ‘Tweet’ buttons also included by default within the new blog feature, posts can instantly be shared by individuals reading posts to their own networks.

‘As they say, the blank page awaits, all that’s needed is a great thought to fill it!’ says Ken.

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