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By - Darren Straight

In what language do deaf people think?

I’ve always thought about this my self so when I saw this story on Digg this morning I just had to read it: Dear Cecil: In what language do deaf people think? I think in English, because that’s what I speak. But since deaf people cannot hear, they can’t learn how to speak a language. Nevertheless, they must think in

By - Darren Straight

Blinking switches off parts of your brain.

Parts of our brain are temporarily “switched off” when we blink, scientists have found. The team from University College London found that the brain shuts down parts of the visual system for each blink, they also say this was the case even if light was still entering the eyes. The researchers said this could explain why people do not notice

By - Darren Straight

First man with bionic arm.

Jesse Sullivan from Tennessee in the US is the world’s first bionic man. Jesse Sullivan lost both his arms after receiving an electric shock at work in a tragic accident in 2001 he thought back then that his life had changed forever and never again would he be able to do the things he enjoyed most. Just four years after