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Msn Space Race

Do you want a chance to win a camcorder or an mp3 player and at the same time take a picture of a UFO or Alien! 🙂 If so then this will interest you:

MSN is giving away hundreds of prizes in the coolest competition of the year so far. All you have to do is get an MSN Space (the best free blog product in the world) and an MSN Hotmail account (the biggest free webmail product in the world) and take a picture of a UFO, or an alien. Do this and you could win a state of the art camcorder, 10 Creative Zen MP3 players plus hundreds of Qees. It takes minutes to sign-up and it’s completely free! Plus, if you can locate the hidden UFO base, you can win our star prize – a NASA holiday! Prepare for lift off!

Msn Space Race Site

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