AdSense-Deluxe 0.4 released!

AdSense-Deluxe 0.4 has now been released, AdSense-Deluxe is a plugin for wordpress that can insert adsense ads from Google into your posts using quicktags, here’s the release notes for it:

Release Notes
New in v0.4 2005-08-03
– Fixed QuickTag menu display when Tiger-Admin plugin is activated.
– Added preview of your adsense blocks (click the linked Description on any ad block and a window pops up which attempts to display the ads in the style you defined; Note: the ads can be clicked without penalty since they use an adsense test account (“ca-test”).

New in v0.3 2005-08-01
– Fixed problem of AdSense showing up in Full Text RSS feeds.
– Fixed call-time pass-by-reference warnings from PHP.
– No longer “rewarding author” on anything other than Post or Page pages.
– Fixed problem with only two (2) ads being shown on a given page.
– Added AdSense-Deluxe quicktag menu to post editor.
– Stopped showing live adsense in post editing previews; now displays a placeholder
– Added stripslashes() around calls to edit an ad and to display adsense code in posts.
[axodys] reported his ads getting escaped on WP 1.5.3 (with magic_quotes_gpc Off).
– Editing an ad which was disabled causes it to be enabled when saving (fixed).

New in v0.2 2005-07-28
– Initial (public) release.

I would also just like to say to thank you for Acme Technologies in creating this plug-in based on Phil Hord’s AdSense WordPress plugin, it will serve me well.

AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin
Phil Hord’s AdSense WordPress plugin

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