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Windows Live Messenger 8 leak and Screenshots

Well you probably already know this but Windows Live Messenger 8 was leaked earlier today, unfortunately there’s one tiny problem it uses Msn Protocol 13 unlike Msn Messenger 7 which uses Protocol 12, this means that unless you are part of the beta and your .NET account is set up to allow Msn Protocol 13 you can only install the Windows Live Messenger 8 leak not sign in with it, I have seen some people posting screenshots that they have got it to work but this may just be that they have access to the beta or maybe because they are using a patch, whatever it be I cant find anything allowing you to sign on.

Even though I would love to use it and have looked for a patch myself, mainly to see if it really exists or not, I assure you that I can certainly wait patiently for The Public Beta to arrive and so should you, that is if you want to enjoy the beta how it should be, that is untouched!

So for now I’ll just have to look at the screenshots I’ve found and imagine what it’s like to use it.

Messenger 8 conversation window
Messenger 8 contact list
Playing Tankwars
Shared Folders
Edit Contact window
Offline Messaging
Settings window
Message history window
Contact list color settings
Contact list menu
List style 1 (big items)
List style 2 (small items with hoover)
Dynamic Backgrounds

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