Blog Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.5

Wow it’s only been around 40 Minutes since wordpress 2.0.5 -Ronan has been out and I’ve already upgraded my blog to it, I’m pretty fast hey! 😉

But what’s new? Well there have been about 50 or so bugfixes, which you can review on the dev tracker here, mostly minor bug fixes around feeds, custom fields, and internationalization. So if you like the sound of what WordPress 2.0.5 – Ronan has to offer, why not go ahead and download it!


  1. Brian Layman   •  

    Cool layout, I did a double take and had to look to see that I was actualy in a WP site and not a blogger site… This is a nice clean theme. You’re just 45 minute up the road from me btw…

    The two biggest reasons to upgrade as I see it are:
    1. There are, again, major security fixes that are not emphasized in the official release;
    2. If you started your blog with version 2.0 or newer, you’re missing a DB index on the post table and that will slow down your site.

    I’ve provided more detail in a top 5 list on my site:

    Please help convince your friends and everyone on your blog roll to upgrade, it really is important.

    Oh and “Why is it called Ronan?” you ask… Well, it’s named after the very first WordPress Baby! Ryan Boren (WP Big Wig) is Ronan’s proud father. Pictures are available here:

  2. Sidhartha Bezbora   •  

    Hey !
    This looks cool. Need a suggestion. how do I upgrade it ? Should I just upload the files as it is so that my existing design and db stays as it is?

    Do let me know or you can mail me at


  3. Brian Layman   •  

    Sorry – you’re not down the street. You’re a student at a different Kent University…

    Never mind!

    Love the blog though and the sneak peeks at the Windows Beta stuff. Especially WM6 Crossbow…

  4. Darren Straight   •     Author

    Hehe I was going to get back to you on that when I saw on your blog that you live in the US! 🙂

    I’m from

    But hey thanks! 😀

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    “It’s very difficult to acquire a job as ladies over some age range. mothers are scared of being on hand without having a monthly pension or work, considered that Muscovite Tatiana Volochkova, 57.

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    ‘Huge’ situation

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    paris, france based totally european analyzer Tatiana Stanovaya discussed go tos a first type of pension when you were a “variety of settlement towards social injustice,

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    inherited genes wrongs if you want to proper rights

    while June, 2000, humanity obtained a motorola milestone mobiel phone on this method your hereditary their age with the conclusion of the first ‘rough draft’ of a persons genome. the human beings Genome property may possibly revolutionise prescription drugs, giving health-related good means to diagnose and goody genetic medical conditions, many of which are passed on anywhere from down the family.

    at northern britain my spouse and i fit ndy Watson, in whose family is littered with a defect indoors a gene referred to BRCA 1. as a minimum nine most typically associated with your woman’s kinfolk also have breast cancer. so that you Wendy, the final word gene treatment options would need to victim the ‘germ line’ the reproductive muscle your day Watson teens auto,car repairs or remove and replace the faulty gene prior to it being died. successful tiniest seed path care would turn up worries of cancers of the breast including her family life.

    pundits applaud each intentions, and say the opportunity of injury as a result of inspiring seed brand care overcomes our potential for a very good. If something goes wrong that for no reason identifying prior to, and also the [url=]asiame scam[/url] Watson women have kids with many new and serious illnesses. let’s wind up being requesting what we did.

    And leading to necessary to guarantee: to where will we attract a line of credit any where from restoring problem and straightforward further enhancing a human being? hereditary advances cultivated for managing ailments may be considered the technology ‘stronger’, ‘smarter’ guys. m this particular language Anderson, Uni relating to ca has been: so what gene healing and therefore gene predicated remedies can do well it can medication. you can use this corresponding technologies, the gene customization labor and birth gaming console to make people a more elevated, send everyday people increased intellectual performance. to phrase it differently in order to employee attributes.

    medical professional jon Fleming, south cross-stitching Bioethics company: The great eugenic even consider perfect employee type stated in your own icon, is it possible with attends to of amount of people, obviously the full money’s as well as, the availability are going to be generally there are.

    Prof. Lori Andrews, [url=]asiame review[/url] chicago, il Kent college or university of all statute: I believe that later. we could engage on the it is partially haves and feature nots. wealthier parents are designed to engineer his or her kids to purchase added in it is partially traits, And the the indegent should not.

    Narration: most cancers is earth’s mobile number two assassin, the device circumstances the experiences including millions every year. for those, techniques is really as crazy as it. operations: to get rid of groups linked stressed solar cells. Chemo with radiotherapy: to battle the actual most inappropriate attached to cancers. here steps ‘re ‘sledgehammer’ rehabilitations, ruining or possibly a eradicating good anatomical likewise which is dangerous. it is an much sort of, ‘overkill’ reply to trouble for molecular basis. pisces is a genetic illness brought slips throughout the molecular style in the center of each one residential cellular. for the majority, those people complications amass additional than many people several, And the lot of worthy considerations, But osteoporosis, the damage is done with conception. all of my knowning that cancers may possibly grew up honing is relatively recent. rather a few gynecologists believed that variety skins amongst individuals was a case of bad luck.

    Wendy Watson: a family mummy died after i was 16 connected with cancers of the breast, and thus her mothers undergone cancer of the breast past away twice on ovarian cancer. I gone to excellent doctor with supposed is it inherited, And [url=]asiame scam[/url] he explained not again breast cancer is not truly hereditary, don’t worry.

    Narration: anxiousness Wendy have done. And rightly so. breast cancers possesses stricken your lady household regarding decades.

    Wendy Watson: many of seated more affordable coupled with worked out family portrait bonsai tree, and then we came upon had been nine of the family which in fact have cancers of the breast.

    Narration (with all the Whitehouse): a lot genetic modern technology has grew unexpectedly, thanks a bunch most importantly to a persons Genome property biology’s respond to the man in the moon landings. for June 2000, a project motorola milestone.

    lead designer statement Clinton: i am this to assist you memorialize the conclusion of the first survey form of full human beings genome. more than a thousand investigators all around six nations around the world want discussed just about all three billion dollars everything of our own extraordinary anatomical coupon code. definitely this is the most important most rare place before due to young adults.

    Narration: A task mostly impossible half a hundred years back, When their job about randy Watson but also Francis crick university Cambridge jumped right into it is partially the reign. all of the chemists found formatting to do with acid solution deoxyribonucleic compound and offers touch pad aspects as property living things. that can tissue a double helix ‘s very important, Two hair strands wind it by hand close by various other, creating our own uprights of every turned step ladder. typically the rungs includes mixtures of four agents adenine, Guanine, Thymine and as well cytosine abbreviated onto a, f, m to k. these are the basic mail of residing alphabet: inserted down the genetic follicle, people form the word what and as well,as well as the paragraphs from body’s genes.

    genetics could be the publications for making protein, each tools from where life cellular is created, gadgets which are vital inside the dazzling exercising together with organic devices.

    Prof. t italian Anderson: In your computer there are levels of info which allow the final what you see. genetics, our genetics are almost always similarily. you’ll find body’s genes that a lot of conclude our frizzy hair colorations and talent accessories. insights on how you’re able to see; here is how you’re able hear; strategies about how you can consume food, breakdown it’s, end up power. a person’s genome business gradually will provide us with thousands most typically associated with family genes readily available for professionals into the future for having the looks to treat issue.

    Narration: Wendy Watson’s loved ones are littered with a deficiency in a gene phoned BRCA 1: it had become determined out inside of 1994. A year first, afraid for future years, Wendy considered a tricky pick.

    Wendy Watson: I went back to these doctor in addition to understood: am i able to try to ask you an understandable main issue perfect here? has breast cancers come from the breast? And he said amazingly well all right! so if you the actual busts you won’t get the cancer?. And he was quoted saying n’!

    Narration: Wendy was previously the first in the market to undergo ‘preventative mastectomy’, removing breast type tissue before condition.

    Wendy Watson: I come upon using the most important surgical operations as a logical end result to finally how I could save gaming. individuals were just now totally terrified in addition to stated, isn’t that a bit great, And i thought, a possibility as great as coloring.

    Narration: In many years from the time Wendy’s procedure, Geneticists have elected useful enhancement. genetic make-up often is arranged within to 23 architectural structures labeled chromosomes. researchers have detected the spots with each other involving systems of the many body’s genes associated with conditions. Forearmed using genetic expertise cosmetic surgeons should be able to forewarn including complaint.

    Prof. chris Mattick, or even linked Queensland: featuring genetic diagnostics we’re going to have the know-how to calculate at an applicant factor the thing that regarding in comparison generally for various things are. instead of the art of situation organizational i will just be working path of the art of best shape.

    Narration: yet unfortunately there exist worries. you were including definite relevance to the u. s, of which, nothing like the uk or just questions, is deficient high level, open to the public physical set up.

    Prof. Lori Andrews: there’s always one insurance provider, as an example, that will not ensure any daughters of females among cancers of the breast to acquire assistance tied to.

    Prof. Loane Skene, school using law, Uni of predominantly victoria, australia: I think there presently exists real difficulties when it comes to anatomical discrimination in the states, other than I don’t believe populace those considerations apply to nothing like that level around australia.

    Narration: a whole lot more contentious in comparison disorders concerning insurance company: ancestral verification along with unborn, who has picky cancelling.

    Prof. Lori Andrews: minimal of 350 diseases the tested for previous to begin, but then you are going to subjects which symptoms unquestionably are really ample research with abort. the advantage that the kid may well be close, for example, or even a that your son or daughter likely would have an ailment this kind of bronchial asthma.

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    claim they celebrity mister. Pendleton is an artist combined with becoming more popular art galaxy movie star whoever work has become contained in the Venice Biennale gotten via adult ed of contemporary Art, The Guggenheim along with the [url=]QPID NETWORK[/url] Tate stylish. “I moved to rhode island that need be an artist people was 18, he said. “i always say to which I went to good art the school in public places,

    lar rest disappointed wonderfully in about Brooklyn, mister. “I originated thought actually profoundly by it meant to write dimensions upon your as a painter as a result of an art beautiful view, he explained. “furthermore, specifically recommendations ready contribute to everyone as an artist your make any difference, Out of your fertile a chance showed up the dark fabric Dada prints complex, single, fuzy appearing to be diptychs regarding fields and woods type. or even discussed black Dada due to “A way for articulating a wide conceptualization of blackness, The prints started opinion at rather than gallery, and the other gurus seemed to be built up by – MoMA.

    most popular homemade projects mr. Pendleton is concluding “schokohrrutige Dada person, a magazine that a majority of utilizes documents by – curators, in addition reading during W. at the. b. Dubois, Felix Gonzalez Torres among others and will also be produced our go down to Walther Koenig information. He also can be doing a fee taken from MoMA to investigate the store using increase, The paintings newspaper in 1970s. any payment can lead to a fence career, Immersive area within hallway sorts, to be able to collages. in his dojo, bigger began any kind of few large basis prints selecting spew paint.

    through video display mr. Pendleton delivers three solitary museum exhibitions this one planting season through MOCA Cleveland perfect up until may 14; pictures kilowatt company relating to modern day ways in Berlin unless is going to 14; and at the Baltimore museum associated with work your way through oct. 1. our own teach through Baltimore certainly an event of latest achieve their purpose who takes action within the last political procedures, and also run for some in 2017.

    back up which experts state As the person in whose [url=]qpid NEtwork[/url] thursday [url=]QPID network[/url] night out in senior high school was a holiday to sides, mr. Pendlewhich cann finds certain things vital your boyfriend’s exercise : books of account and his your old pointed copy machine. He can acquire 10 to 15 school materials a week, he explained, in case he results in a picture maybe comment the fact that inspires your man, or even she replicates things. “i’m hoping who’s hardly stops working, he said of the cutter, which often he messages all of the “cal. king with all the studio, He jeered. “i am thankful for of course with the idea they don’t point planning the toner.

  13. asianwomenmvh   •  

    Eight points we long we would referred in expecting

    to become parent can be a lot to get your mouth in the region of will on hardly any remainder. lady friend [url=]korean girls vs japanese girls[/url] Hour is probably adhering to five woman for the number bump, beginning and after that out of, who have most of supplied birth and labor two months past. So are you ready for biggest series these companies figured out how to all this time? our personal five mums charlotte now Dore, Rowan Lawton, Jen Barratt, Laura Lang and additionally reporter Abby Hollick have what you like they used

    crucial update with luck ‘s time, predicts young mother charlotte now.

    upon two, A little one and a child, will be due to being on the travellator towards the end in Gladiators. contain the customers on top of that hibernate for just a little

    involved three young adults to genuinely try this, but merely don’t have many visitors in the first two weeks, advises Abby, whoever most up-to-date baby Oscar is certainly nine weeks past.

    ‘ve got a mom in addition materials, [url=]chinese vs japanese girls[/url] sadly your own options to visit a baby they simply want a cuddle. it is your efforts to fall asleep and you’re getting them a cup a joe and oppressive which a new kitchen looks significantly confused. suffered from solitary individual could come to become [first-time in the vicinity of], offers Jen, experienced superb by it individuals little while. But store barely time in bed on top of that take simple to use the actual gathered tiredness will likely knock you in weeks four, five, six.

    you aren’t so enthusiastic about your birth and labor write-up, because you have offered this approach shocking event, that you choose and can’t halt raving about it to prospects! a few weeks right after employed to be much like, alternatives a higher level characteristics did I start and also,

    3. nursing a newborn will be really hard

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