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Windows Live Messenger for mobile browsers is here!

Mike Smuga, Program Manager for Windows Live Mobile has announced, on his blog, that Windows Live Messenger for mobile browsers is here! And what a cool App it is.

The app is targeted at all users who don’t have Windows Live Messenger rich clients running on their devices, but have access to a web browser on their phone. We experimented with the user experience a bit, since our previous version of MSN Messenger for mobile browsers was sometime hard to use (especially when you wanted to carry multiple conversation). That’s how we came up with the idea of message inbox: you can view and send messages to multiple friends from one page, rather than have to jump between multiple pages and deal with the pretty slow page load times.

The app will soon be added to our mobile portal for all devices (http://mobile.live.com). If you’re lucky you’ll see the link already. If you don’t see it, you can access the app directly by going to http://mobile.live.com/wlm/imsi.aspxfrom your mobile browser.


Check it out now at: http://mobile.live.com/wlm/imsi.aspx

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