The @media 2007 web design conference unleashed!

The @media 2007 web site has just been launched, and you can now register to attend:

As in previous years, the popular, well renowned conference will focus on best practices in web design and development, providing an unparalleled educational, inspirational, and all-round enjoyable experience for design beginners to the experienced web design firm.

AMERICA: San Francisco, May 24th – 25th
ASIA: Hong Kong, May 31st – June 1st
EUROPE: London, June 7th – 8th


  1. Nate Lanxon   •  

    Bloody hell! Not cheap is it!!

  2. Darren Straight   •  

    Nope not at all, and hey surely you dont need to go as you went to Vegas!

    Man its such a great place… lol not sure why I’m telling you though as you already know. 😉

  3. Nate Lanxon   •  

    Totally, but I’m damned if I’m going to Vegas every time I want to see tech. I’ve got an interview with CNET in London next week so moving to London would get me closer to tech shows, but even if I lived there £400 a ticket is a bloody overpriced ticket!!

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