Spanish Windows Live Hotmail presentation for Bloggers!

A big shout out go’s to all bloggers residing in Spain!

This Thursday the 26th of April at 10am in the morning, the Spanish Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail Team will be holding a Breakfast and Windows Live Hotmail presentation for bloggers.

But to clarify this will not be the Spanish launch of Windows Live Homail, just a presentation to let all those attending know about the new features that Windows Live Homtail has to offer.

So if you would like to know more about this presentation Microsoft is holding in Madrid (Spain) and even attend, then head over to Ismael El-Qudsi’s Blog and leave a comment.

Now let’s get a Windows Live Hotmail presentation going here in the UK! :p


  1. Ismael El-Qudsi   •  

    Hi Darren:
    Thank you for spreading this notice.
    We are very happy to be involved in the “conversation” with bloggers and I hope to meet you in any event and chat a while. 🙂

  2. lili lopez   •  

    i need to had my space. y necesito a alguien que quiera platicar con mig.

  3. lili lopez   •  

    Ismael saves espanol!!!!!

  4. kirsty   •  

    hi ya peeps hope u all ok im 15 and im english i live in brownhills in the west midlands if any one wants to know ne more my addy is

  5. kirsty   •  

    can ne one learn me some spanish im going there next month on hol but i dont know any i only know this one hacer el amor you spanish people out htere will know what that means lol

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