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Photo Gallery is now on Microsoft Update

Kristen Miller a Program Manager for Windows Live Photo Gallery, has recently published a blog post in which tells us that the team have recently deployed Windows Live Photo Gallery 2008 via Microsoft Update.

So if you have Microsoft Update enabled on your PC and had the BETA installed, then your BETA build should have been upgraded to the final release build (version 1308.1023).  Go check it out! If it wasn’t auto-upgraded, you can either launch Microsoft Update and do a scan for new updates, or go back to photogallery.live.com  and manually upgrade to the final release build.

In another note, theirs a special shout out to all their BETA program participants of Windows Live Photo Gallery:

At our last estimate, the Windows Live Photo Gallery BETA was installed by nearly 3 million users worldwide. Our BETA testers give us feedback, report bugs, and even yell at us when we make stupid design decisions all of which helps us delivery high-quality products. Thank you to you all — our BETA testers rock!

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