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Just noticed this post on the Windows Live Messenger Blog:

We here at Windows Live love to create software that makes keeping in touch with your personal community fun and exciting. If you love to chat on Windows Live Messenger, use Windows Live Writer to post to your Windows Live Spaces page and post photos from Windows Live Photo Gallery then we have just the community for you.

We are looking for people to share their stories, tips or tricks, or product reviews of Windows Live with others. We’ll show the world what amazing things you can do with Windows Live.

You can start by taking this quick survey so we know where to get you plugged in.

Thanks for being part of our Windows Live community!

And there’s also this one on the Windows Live Hotmail Blog:

We’re looking for people who love using Windows Live products. More importantly, we’re looking for those of you who would like to share your experiences on Windows Live with others.

This is your chance to help build a community from the ground up. We’d like to showcase for the world the best of what you do on Windows Live. If you have stories, tips or tricks, or product reviews you would like to share with our entire Windows Live audience, we’d like to hear from you.

If you’re interested, take this short survey so we can find the best way to get you involved.

Thanks for participating!

Marty Collins
Community Manager for Windows Live




So yeah if you’re interested in joining a new offical Windows Live user community, then you know what to do, take the survey! 😉

Not much hidden info can be getherd from the survey, except it’s title is “MSFT Live Pre-Launch ID Survey”, shall be looking forward to what comes out of this!

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    how do I start an account here with window live user

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