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Kelkoo Transforms International Collaboration with mvision Managed Video Conferencing

mvision today announced that leading shopping comparison website, Kelkoo has transformed collaboration between its 10 international offices with a managed video conferencing service. Initiated by a desire to reduce business travel for its senior executives, Kelkoo has realised enhanced collaboration; overcoming language difficulties, improving clarity of communication and bringing international teams closer together.

Philippa Holister, is PA to the CEO at Kelkoo and was responsible for the video conferencing project. She explained, “Of course, our executives still have a need for business travel, but our CEO has cut down unnecessary time out of the office by a third which is extremely valuable. Our international Director too can now meet everyone he needs to face-to-face in a single day, and he does so every week,” she added. “Video conferencing has also played an important role in bringing our people together. Not only can our monthly ‘all hands’ meeting now be seen by everyone, but on a practical level it has helped us overcome some of the accent challenges associated with conference calls. This was particularly useful as we rolled out a new centralised finance function recently.”

Terry Dwyer, Managing Director at mvision added, “Kelkoo now has four TANDBERG C20 systems; two in London, one in Paris and one in Grenoble. There is also an E20 desktop videophone in Hamburg that has proven so successful, that five more were quickly ordered for the other offices. All of this hardware has been supplied by us as part of a managed video conferencing service. So, Kelkoo hasn’t had to make any up-front investment in the systems,” he continued. “In addition to the video systems, mvision has also provided Kelkoo with a dedicated video network and access to supporting services, all for a fixed monthly cost.”

mvision’s video conferencing network and systems were installed during an office refurbishment in Kelkoo’s London headquarters. Holister concluded, “I was really impressed by the whole team, they talked a lot of common sense and were reassuringly easy to work with. It was such a success from the moment it was installed that everyone wants it now. We’re even looking into extending its use among our clients and partners.”

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