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By - Darren Straight

Top 10 Search Keyphrases for March 2009

1502 different keyphrases were used to find my site in March 2009, here are the top 10 with the amount of times they were used plus their overall usage percentage. 1502 different keyphrases Search Percent darren 702 22.2 % vtunnel 134 4.2 % planets solar system 101 3.2 % darrenstraight 70 2.2 % o2 xda orbit 2 34 1 % vtunell

By - Darren Straight

Babcock Ranch Florida 100% Powered Solar City

Raising the initiative of a sustainable, environmentally sensitive, green community to new heights, Babcock Ranch (The City of Tomorrow) is planned to be the first city to be 100% powered by the sun, with the majority of its electric needs generated from the largest on-site solar photovoltaic energy facility powering any city on earth.  By consuming less KW hours than