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Babcock Ranch Florida 100% Powered Solar City

Raising the initiative of a sustainable, environmentally sensitive, green community to new heights, Babcock Ranch (The City of Tomorrow) is planned to be the first city to be 100% powered by the sun, with the majority of its electric needs generated from the largest on-site solar photovoltaic energy facility powering any city on earth.  By consuming less KW hours than the solar facilities located on the property will produce, Babcock Ranch will become the first city in the world powered by clean, renewable solar energy.

Located near Fort Myers, in beautiful Charlotte County, USA, just minutes from I-75 and the Southwest Florida International Airport, Babcock Ranch is destined to become America’s most talked-about new city.  A place where neighbors of all backgrounds, ages and incomes can come together to work, to learn, to shop, to play – and to savor life.  It’s a new city where innovation will abound – with planned state-of-the-art infrastructure to assure businesses and residents full access to emerging technologies for communications, energy, education and transportation.  

2 thoughts on “Babcock Ranch Florida 100% Powered Solar City

Brian April 15, 2009 at 5:32 am

I like the initiative of a sustainable community, especially with the concerns from global warming. One problem though, global warming. Has any of these so-called environmentalists who are applauding this development actually looked at the forecasted sea-level rise as a result of global warming? In 100 years, its possible that this entire city could be under the ocean! Unless of course they plan on using our federal tax dollars to build levees around it, since the United States has such a great track record of building and maintaining levees around cities. This is just an attempt for a developer to capitalize on the trend of sustainable development to make money. Developers are always too short sided to see the long-term problems of their plans. They rarely look past their wallets and bank accounts. And of course, money controls government and elected officials are drooling over this project. I also recall hurricanes like to hit south Florida, but I could be mistaken. I guess my federal tax dollars will go to building levees around this new city and then bailing the city out every time there is hurricane. Developers have a history of not building to construction codes meant to save lives and property in Florida, see Hurricane Andrew. I challenge anyone who actually claims to care about the environment to read real research into why disasters have grown exponentially in costs. It is because we continue to build in mass in hazardous areas!

Quikboy May 2, 2009 at 3:26 pm

That’s fine, but I wish it were more urban-like, rather than spread out like a suburb. Being more green, also means becoming more urban. Sounds weird, but you can get deploy greater efficiency in densely populated areas, then trying to connect different houses scattered all about.

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