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By - Darren Straight

Miragraphy – RFID enabled mirror

Hitachi announced yesterday a new mirror that functions as a computer display. It will be available for purchase in Japan on Septermber 30. It combines a half mirror and a diffusion film to directly display digital information (text, photos, video, tv shows, websites, flash movies etc.) on a mirror surface using an LCD projector. This technology, called Miragraphy, also integrates

By - Darren Straight

Inside Sources say Windows Longhorn to be called Windows Vista

ActiveWin.com has posted on their website an exclusive article saying that they have had inside sources confirm that the version of Windows codenamed Longhorn will be called Windows Vista, Here’s what they had to say: The official new name for the Longhorn operating system is Microsoft Windows Vista, according to our insider sources. Microsoft Windows Vista is a major upgrade

By - Darren Straight

1 year left until World Jump day

There is exactly 1 year left until the World Jump day an aattempt to get earth out of orbit by having lots of people all jump at the same time to stop global warming. 600.000.000 jumpers are needed, so far 213.546.542 people are going to jump. To read more please visit: http://www.worldjumpday.org Here’s a video you may also want to

By - Darren Straight

New admin at Google Community

Intelliot the admin at Google Community today has kindly decided to create a topic with a poll where any member of Google Community can vote for a New Admin! who can best handle admin responsibilities? let us be a democracy and vote on it. the admin has unrestricted power. be sure to choose the right person! moderators, please post your

By - Darren Straight

Longhorn Labs.

Here’s an interesting snippet I found from an article posted on Paul Thurrott’s windowsitpro.com site. WinInfo Blog According to several sources, Microsoft is hosting a Longhorn Labs event for technology enthusiasts and industry influencers next week in Redmond. The event is timed to coincide with the company’s official press and reviewer briefings for Longhorn Beta 1, which is still on track to ship by