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640 x 480 Projector from your Mobile Devices

A small Adelaide company called Digislide based at Dry Creek is earning some worldwide attention after inventing a miniature projector named Digismart which will solve the problem of how to display something on a mobile device screen in large without carrying a separate device.

Basically what this means is that with the Digismart patented technology you will be able to project your whole mobile screen onto a wall or other flat surface with nothing other than your mobile device, your mobile device being anything from a laptop or pocket pc to a digital camera.

The current Digismart model which is likely to be further refined in terms of size and image resolution has dimensions of 50 x 30 x 20mm for a stand-alone device, or 39 x 15 x 15mm when embedded into another product.

It is capable of producing a resolution of at least 640 x480 pixels (and, ultimately, probably up to 800 x 600) with 16.7 million colours.

So just think we these kind of images you could use your PSP as a projector/handheld to play games with or use your digital camera to show your friends your latest photos in large on the go.

And what’s cool is that you don’t even need a dark room to view the projection always as long as you’re not in the direct sunlight.

Want to know more, then checkĀ out theĀ site and watch the videos.

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Via: David Caddick

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