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By - Darren Straight

Microsoft to Drop PDF Support in Office 2007

Microsoft has now admitted that it’s now going to be dropping PDF Support in Office 2007, but why? After all haven’t customers been asking for this support feature for ages, plus the PDF format is apparently classified as an open document format so there shouldn’t be any problems with adding it into Office 2007, after all OpenOffice and Apple’s Mac

By - Darren Straight

Windows Live Mail now uses new Windows Live ID sign-in UI.

Just thought I would let you all know that you can now try out the new Windows Live ID sign-in UI on Windows Live Mail. To get this experience, you must: 1) be a Live Mail user, and 2) sign in through http://mail.live.com/ (as opposed to http://www.hotmail.com/). Update those browser bookmarks to the new URL so you consistently get the new sign-in