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Nicki Richards back performing with Madonna at Live Earth

If you were wondering what was the obvious answer to the question regarding who’s going to sing backing vocals for Madonna at Live Earth on July 7th, a nice confirmation comes from the official Nicki Richards myspace page. The singer says she will be performing in London with Madonna on July 7th. According to her page, their appearance is scheduled for 20:00 London time.Longtime friend Donna De Lory hasn’t officialy confirmed her presence on stage, but as reported by MadonnaTribe weeks ago, she has a rather noticeable gap in her own concerts schedule around that time.

Via: Madonna Tribe

2 thoughts on “Nicki Richards back performing with Madonna at Live Earth

Mark Simmons June 25, 2007 at 11:00 pm

I work for a company that needs wireless data collection tool that will enable me to make custom forms on my Blackberry or Motorola phone. It would be great if form can support drop down menus, GPS, check boxes, bar coding and photo capture. Can someone help me with this please?

Wesley Britt June 27, 2007 at 2:39 am

I have been working in a advertisment business for about 4 years and we found a solution that does this. We use it for wireless GPS tracking and bar code reading. We can customize the forms on-the-fly which saves us a lot of time over a customized solution. Company name is Westlake out of Los Angeles I think. There is a website http://www.westlakesoftware.com. Their product is call AirMobility.net. They made a custom Extranet for us for our company to use but their main product site is http://www.airmobility.net. Pretty easy service to setup for us to migrate the information to our back office system. We use the technology and route it to 40 different servers nationally; has worked flawlessly for about three years. I would definitely recommend them.
Wesley Britt, VP IT

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