Todays post comes from my PDA!

Today’s post comes directly from my PDA because my PCs hard-drive wont boot up my operating system it never finishes loading the Windows XP Boot screen it just keeps loading and loading, I blame my brother for this because he was the last person to touch it while I was at work in London with my Dad but he says all he done was turn the PC on and it was like that, luckily enough I have most of my files backed up on my secondary hard-drive unfortunately it may look like I’ve lost my emails and other personal documents including personal photos. I have tried to get those files by installing the hard-drive in my brothers PC but Windows gives me an error and wont let me access any files, I’ve tried booting to Dos with a NTFS boot disk program to recover the files but unfortunately I can only copy the files to a FAT partition not to another NTFS partition like my secondary hard-drive is.

I’m now in the process of using another recovery tool which I have installed on my brothers PC and its currently locating all the files it can recovery, there’s about 20 minutes left on it so lets hope that this program works as it has in the past so I can recovery most of my important files, I will update this post later on my success or failure.

Update: 04/08/2005 00:00

It’s now exactly midnight and the recovery system has finally finished indexing all the files and is now recovering the files I have selected to recover from my hard-drive, it has taken so long because I have a lot on this 250GB hard-drive! I have to go to work in 7 hours time so I better get to bed now and leave it recovering all my data. If you ever have a similar problem to me and need to recover your files I recommend you buy GetDataBack either for FAT or NTFS it’s recovered my data in the past and it’s done the same this time too.

GetDataBack Site

Windows Installer 6.2 Beta Program.

This morning I received an email from Microsoft Inviting me to join the Windows Installer 6.2 Beta Program.

I have accepted the invite as it looks quite interesting and because I haven’t done any beta testing for Windows Installer before and I’m always up to try something new, I look forward too doing it and hopefully will receive a welcome e-mail by August 8th and soon after that I shall be beta testing it.

Interesting day at work.

Today was an interesting day at work.

For the past month or so I’ve been thinking to myself at work that I should be entitled to some stars on my name badge considering that I’ve worked there more than a year now and that I’m one of the hardest working people there that is always doing what need’s to be done.

So I thought to myself why don’t I just ask, so that’s what I did 10 min before my shift was to end I asked the night shift manager who could I speak to about stars on my name badge as I think I should have some, he said to me one min Darren lets check what training you have done, after 5 minutes of checking he said to me “Darren pass me your badge” I gave him my badge and a couple of minutes later he gave me my name badge back with three stars on it, he said I couldn’t get the last star because I didn’t know how to do grill, three out four was enough for me so I’m very happy.

MSN Messenger Beta 7.5

I have now recived my acceptance to the MSN Messenger Beta 7.5 program, heres all that I can tell you!

We are excited to inform you that you have been accepted into the MSN Messenger Beta program. During this beta you will help us test a new version of MSN Messenger. This beta will take place during the months of July and August, 2005. If you do not feel you can contribute to this beta, please go to and decline participation.

New admin at Google Community

Intelliot the admin at Google Community today has kindly decided to create a topic with a poll where any member of Google Community can vote for a New Admin!

who can best handle admin responsibilities? let us be a democracy and vote on it. the admin has unrestricted power. be sure to choose the right person! moderators, please post your campaign speech/statement/promises in replies to this topic. poll ends in 14 days.

The poll can be found here at the following link:

If you think I would be a great new admin I would be really grateful if you voted for me. 🙂 For those of you who don’t know what Google Community is, Google Community is an online forum for the discussion of everything related to Google and much more.

So feel free to sign up:

Good and Bad News.

Today I have had quite a bad day at work it really makes me angry when I do all the work and some people just don’t do anything at all, it’s just not fair! But at least something good has happened today, that being that I received my Foundation Degree in Information Technology grade results today from my college for each IT unit, I’m very happy with myself for archiving these results and I would like to share them with you so:

D = Distinction / M = Merit / P = Pass / F = Fail

Intro to Computer Architecture M61
Visual Programming Tools D72
Information Systems and Tools M64
Systems Analysis and Design M60
Object Orientated Programming M69
Multimedia on the Web D74
Organisations and IS Requirements P55

Latter today I will be posting some of my photos for you that I took on my holiday in 2002!

My old websites.

Today I was talking online with Henrik a good friend I meet at Google Community nearly a year ago, I was telling him about how jack’s old site looked a bit like my old sites.

Then I thought to myself I wonder what did ever happen to all of my old sites, these where all ones I used to make for fun, so what did I don next? that’s right I searched for them, I knew most of them were not online anymore but maybe I could find a cd with them on, eventually I found near enough what I was looking for, a CD with most of my old sites, though they were not my oldest ones I have they were enough to make me laugh!

I’m so glad I found this CD because it also contained photos and videos of my Siamese cat called Simon which died last year in Spain after having bitten a processionary caterpillar. I think I will upload some photos of him for you too see that he really was a nice cat and I may also upload some of my old sites for you to laugh at, hehe.

Peace out.

Henriks site
Jacks old site
Google Community
Processionary caterpillars

Todays also my 20th Birthday!

Hey I forgot to mention in my previous post about me starting this new website and blog that today is my 20th birthday and it’s that what makes this blog a little bit more special than previous websites and blogs I’ve had because this time I’m going to make a promise to myself not to fail and to keep this regularly updated as much as possible, I’m sure this first month will go pretty slow.

But once I’ve done my research and got a new blog theme I hope to me on my way to keeping this blog updated on a daily basis and accomplish a better status of recognition within cyberspace and real life.

Wish me luck and a happy new birthday! 😀

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi and welcome to my new website and blog.

I’ve been meaning to buy the domain name for a while now but I haven’t really had the chance to buy it and set the hosting up as I’ve been quite busy with college and work, not to mention beta testing.

But hey I’ve managed to buy the domain name now and set up the website and blog for it, so all I have to do now is start climb the learning curve towards being a successful blogger.

But what shall I blog about, well that depends on many things, but I think my main goal is to blog about technology, computers, science and nature along with some posts about my life.

Anyway that’s all from me for now, but don’t forget to come back and see what progress I’ve made on the website and blog.