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By - Darren Straight

Asteroid to hit Earth on Sunday, 13 April 2036?

Check this out will an asteroid hit Earth on Sunday, 13 April 2036? In a very sad way it would be cool to actually see it, but thing of the destruction it could cause, panic and mayhem throughout the earth luckily for us there’s a 99.98200000% chance the asteroid will miss the Earth! But that still leaves a 0.018000000% chance

By - Darren Straight

Scientists Discover 10th Planet’s Moon

Well it looks like the recently discovered tenth planet in our solar system also has a moon, though this is another great discovery because it can help scientists determine the new planet’s mass, it’s not likely to help the debate if this should be our 10th planet or not because there’s no official definition on what exactly makes a planet.

By - Darren Straight

Lost island home of Odysseus found after 3,000 years

Now this is interesting and what a discovery after all this time, just think what else could be out there waiting to be discovered! FOR almost 3,000 years, its location has been a mystery, but classical scholars around the world are now convinced that a British businessman and amateur archaeologist with a passion for Homer has found the island of

By - Darren Straight

Wild gorillas seen to use tools

Now articles like this just make you think about us and life and how we are the dominant species, could life not have been differently, maybe something very similar to the book and film of Planet of the Apes, were apes are the dominant species against us humans! Gorillas have been seen for the first time using simple tools to

By - Darren Straight

First test for The Space Elevator is a success

LiftPort Group Inc, a private group, has successfully tested a robot climber a novel piece of hardware that reeled itself up and down a lengthy ribbon dangling from a high-altitude balloon at around 1000 feet in the air, this experiment is one small step to building a fully functional space elevator in the future. The location of the experiment itself

By - Darren Straight

Hurricane Rita misses Houston and Galveston!

Hurricane Rita hit the US Golf Coast this morning at around 0600 GMT (0100 local time) with winds of up to 120mph (193km/h) but luckily enough the winds have since dropped to around 75mph and have missed the cities of Houston and Galveston! I say luckily enough that they have missed the cities of Houston and Galveston because it would