Attacks on london!

I’ve been working at London all this week with my dad, we were thinking of taking the train up to London as we already had everything we needed up there for the job so there was no need to take the car, but in the end we took the car mainly because of the expensive price of tickets up to London, we would have go the train and then the tube for the rest of the way, luckily we didn’t take the train or tube to get there wish is very lucky but very unlucky for anybody who did today and I offer my condolences to the families who have suffered from this attack in one way or another, having a minor injury or having a family member who has died.

I’m also very fortunate to have people who care so much about me, I had left my mobile phone at home today and I was really surprised to get home to find out that I had missed calls from a whole load of people wondering if I was ok.

I’m really glad I have friends like that, you all know who you are and I tell you this now, if you ever need any help I will for sure be there for you.

London wins 2012 Olympic bid

London today has won the race to host the 2012 Olympics this will be the first time the Olympics has been held in Britain since 1948.

First round
London 22
Paris 21
Madrid 20
New York 19
Moscow 15 (eliminated)

Second round
Madrid 32
London 27
Paris 25
New York 16 (eliminated)

Third round
London 39
Paris 33
Madrid 31 (eliminated)

Fourth round
London 54
Paris 50 (eliminated)

Visit the London 2012 Olympic website:

Live 8 Concerts

Unfortunately I’m not going to any of the concerts today but I will be signing the Live 8 List and uploading my face to there website I will also be watching it on the television, I hope some of you have had the chance to go to one of the concerts, those of you who are going are very lucky and I hope you have a great time there. Here’s a list of all the concerts:

UK Hyde Park, London
France Palais de Versailles, Paris
Germany Siegessäule, Berlin
Italy Circus Maximus, Rome
USA Museum of Art, Philadelphia
Canada Park Place, Barrie
Japan Makuhari Messe, Tokyo
South Africa Mary Fitzgerald Square, Newtown, Johannesburg
The Russian Federation – Red Square, Moscow

And here’s the Live 8 List that you can sign:

When is Software Ready for Users?

Just found this article on the IBM Website by Amy Wohl, and I must say it’s quite an interesting read to say the least.

When is Software Ready for Users?

Once upon a time, developers worked on software in the privacy of their offices, writing and testing it until it was finished. Only then would they ship it to users.

Today, things are very different. Aggressive users can see code even in a pre-alpha state and large numbers of users are invited to join in what amounts to a high volume test in the code’s beta period.

Some software vendors have earned a reputation for letting the users be a significant part of the testing process, looking for bugs as well as for problems with useability or missing features. In fact, many users have given up buying software (or even upgrades) on their first release, waiting for a subsequent release or service pack before they feel confident enough to try a software packaging, however appealing it might be.

But some software users revel in being able to use software as soon as possible. They enjoy every bug and bug report, feeling that they are part of the software’s development process, rather than just a user.

Keep the Pioneers Separate from the Users

The trouble is, keeping the pioneers, who like to catch your arrows and tell you about them, separate from the users who would just as soon only see a software product that is complete, finished, and very likely to need little or no assistance from the technical support staff. Here are some helpful hints:

(1) Ask. Users often know whether they would like to participate in the development process or whether they’d like to spend their time on their primary work tasks. Let them know what they’re getting into if they try software at various stages of the pre-gold code process.

(2) Tell. Tell users just what to expect from a pre-alpha, alpha, or beta copy of your software. Tell them what will happen to their work if a fatal bug occurs. Tell them how much support you can offer them and how that support works (email? FAQ? telephone hot line?) Honesty is the best policy here.

(3) Only offer very small rewards for participating in the development process. We note that some vendors offer BIG rewards to beta testers, leading some folks who are really unprepared for the work to take it on. Better to keep the rewards smaller to reduce temptation and to do a better job of non-disclosing just how much work you expect.

Be Truthful

I really respect a developer who tells the truth. Recently, I’ve been angling for a copy of a particular piece of Open Source software that’s not quite at alpha. It’s actually available on the web and its owners have told me where it is and that, of course, I’m welcome to download it if I want to. They’ve also pointed out that for someone like me who is (a) not a programmer and (b) mainly wants to see how the product looks and works, but not to help debug it, it would probably be better to wait a while.

They’ve figured out (correctly) that I’ll have a better first impression if their baby product doesn’t crash the first time I try to use it. If only every developer was as thoughtful.

Todays also my 20th Birthday!

Hey I forgot to mention in my previous post about me starting this new website and blog that today is my 20th birthday and it’s that what makes this blog a little bit more special than previous websites and blogs I’ve had because this time I’m going to make a promise to myself not to fail and to keep this regularly updated as much as possible, I’m sure this first month will go pretty slow.

But once I’ve done my research and got a new blog theme I hope to me on my way to keeping this blog updated on a daily basis and accomplish a better status of recognition within cyberspace and real life.

Wish me luck and a happy new birthday! 😀

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi and welcome to my new website and blog.

I’ve been meaning to buy the domain name for a while now but I haven’t really had the chance to buy it and set the hosting up as I’ve been quite busy with college and work, not to mention beta testing.

But hey I’ve managed to buy the domain name now and set up the website and blog for it, so all I have to do now is start climb the learning curve towards being a successful blogger.

But what shall I blog about, well that depends on many things, but I think my main goal is to blog about technology, computers, science and nature along with some posts about my life.

Anyway that’s all from me for now, but don’t forget to come back and see what progress I’ve made on the website and blog.